We Are Ladies Leading.

Hi. I’m Jessica Gendron. The host of Ladies Leading. I’m also the President at The Center for Leadership Excellence.

I’ve spent most of my career elbowing my way to the table of leadership and have been lucky enough to lead a couple companies, too. I’ve learned a lot of leadership lessons along the way – lessons I didn’t read about in books or learn in a class.

I’ve found myself repeatedly frustrated that most business leadership books are written by men and wholly absent of the female perspective. That was the inspiration for Ladies Leading: To teach lessons of leadership through the female experience. I’m personally on a mission to amplify the voices of female leaders and the stories of their personal journey to and through leadership, so that we may learn from their experiences and gain inspiration from their stories.

As the President at The Center for Leadership Excellence, I spend my days helping companies become better places for women to work. We’re company that is actively working to improve cultures and systems for women in the workplace through research and strategy. Learn more at www.cleindy.com.

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